Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship at the service of youth here and abroad

Young people will have the support of actors and agents of change recognized for their actions and their implication, mentors, coaches from different backgrounds to unite their efforts and their will to live in an inclusive society, more harmonious and to pose in this sense of concrete actions. Our projects also aim to put young people at the center of their attention in their journey towards emancipation, integration, integration and social involvement so that they can better position themselves in their role as actors and change actresses, ambassadors and diversity ambassadors.

A springboard to the future ...

Our fields of action allow young people to project themselves in the future, our approach has a unique character since it contributes to developing both personal and professional skills. It is therefore oriented towards the success and social involvement of each participant in Canada and internationally.

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Leadership
  • Environment
  • Agriculture *
  • Construction *
  • Art and culture
  • Media and Cinema
  • Urban Design
  • Digital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Micro-credit *
  • Craft
  • Fashion Design
  • Wood Working* 
  • Cultural exchange
  • Events
  • International Program


Youth of diversity an invaluable wealth in their environment

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MUNTU organizes forums for discussions and debates of a cultural and / or social nature, projects with and for the youth of diversity and particularly visible minorities in Quebec and Canada as well as young people internationally. Through conferences, workshops, creativity, innovation, co-development, coaching, mentoring, coaching, we highlight collective intelligence and the richness of diversity. We act to reduce inequalities and allow each young person to express their potential regardless of their social and geographical origins. Through our activities with these young people, we create a network of dynamic youth actors involved in reflection and social action. We encourage their involvement and participation in local, national and international life. We contribute to school perseverance, entrepreneurship, employability and civic engagement.



Creating bridges between North and South or youth is at the center of our concerns with innovative ideas and different approaches


The purpose of our actions and interventions is to equip them, to share new ways of doing things, to develop their feeling of belonging to their environment, their country and to raise awareness and encourage their social participation in order to increase their power of action and control over their lives through financial autonomy.

Recycle to better create and bring change to the community

MUNTU plans to create urban and recreational spaces using recycled materials in the development of disadvantaged neighborhoods in developing and emerging countries. These places will be created by and for young people. It is also an opportunity for them to build innovative concepts and ideas based on community dynamics while gaining international experience.


MUNTU for Women

Young women at the heart of sustainable development strategies


Through this program, MUNTU wants to put in place strategies to raise women's awareness of their role in economic and social development and to engage them in the promotion of equality between men and women. As part of its efforts to promote measures that will improve the social and economic situation of young women, projects will be set up by and for women to provide these young women with diversity from home and abroad. benefits and opportunities for social and economic development.



The future is built in Africa


History has separated the black peoples in suffering and this physical distance, due to the deportation of Africans, has made foreign black people everywhere around the world, while they are brothers and sisters in the soul. Today more than ever, these fraternal links and the precious contribution of Afro-descendants can be put to good use and participate in the turn of modernity, development and growth towards a new Africa.

The young Afro-descendants are already showing a passion, a deep conscience turned towards Africa. The sharing of knowledge and their talent will provide each other with additional soul, moral support, know-how, an emotional presence and proximity to compete on equal terms in the global geography of wealth production.




"If it takes a village to raise a child, the village needs the child to shine, to rise because a child is a citizen of today who will make the decisions of tomorrow."

Cathia Cariotte



We encourage and offer play-based learning workshops specifically for disadvantaged children and children in developing countries by adapting to cultural values. These play workshops allow intellectual awakening, creativity, learning, socialization and the manifestation of the child's emotions while developing his self-esteem. We will put in place an entrepreneurship induction program and project development in schools and children's organizations in developing and emerging countries.