MUNTU means 'to be human', 'the living one', who is strong in the bonds that bind him to his clan, his family, his descendants, his land, what he wears and what he it produces, from what grows there or from what lives there.

Our ambition: To unite to reach 1,000,000 young people around the world. For this, we want to accompany young people every year and give them the opportunity to realize themselves, emancipate themselves and take power over the future and get involved in their environment.

We mobilize young people from diversity by offering them conferences, workshops, coaching, mentoring, support for innovative projects to promote their social involvement, cohesion, economic efficiency, ecological awareness, citizen engagement, the fight against prejudice, social inclusion and better living together.

The strength of the projects is that they are made for young people, the decision-makers of tomorrow, and carried mainly by them.

The projects and activities are an invitation to openness, intercultural exchange, intergenerational and acceptance as well as a step towards a better understanding of the other in respect of the realities of each.

'Men and women are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions can only be based on the common good.

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MUNTU believes in the development, empowerment and development of young people. Our vision is to encourage their participation, their commitment and their full involvement in their living environment so that they become participatory citizens and actors and actors of change.

Our Values

MUNTU and its partners are committed to values f inclusion, empowerment, richness of diversity and equity. We favor participative, democratic, innovative and entrepreneurial practices.

MUNTU is sharing and solidarity; they are concrete actions and sustainable performances. We advocate for a society where success depends on social bonds and civic engagement.