Cathia Cariotte, MUNTU Founder

Born in the south of Haiti, a country with surprising nature that gives the landscape a special beauty with large hills bathed by the waves of the sea, Cathia grew up in the heart of a living soul of the Caribbean, in a mosaic of culture from a mix of Indian, African and European practices. She had to leave her home country in a particularly troubled time. It was before she left and despite her young age that she also became aware of social inequalities. Since then, she has always challenged stereotypes and developed an understanding for others through listening, empathy and tolerance. She is fascinated by the journey that is synonymous with freedom, passionate about art, people, diversity, creativity and innovation.

Cathia is a multidisciplinary artist. Graduated in art, she continued her studies and obtained diplomas in communication, psychology, international cooperation, philanthropic management at the University of Montreal. She is also a graduate in project management, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation management and project management at HEC Montréal.

Cathia has more than 20 years of experience coordinating national and international projects. She is a speaker and consultant in development strategy and innovation, change management, crisis management for NPOs, NGOs, private companies and social economy, for Canada and internationally.

She has created space AKWABA which has allowed during the last 5 years to motivate and equip the new generation to entrepreneurship and sustainable development. In this sense, she has also set up youth mentoring programs and conceptualized different projects for young people.

Cathia founded the Muntu Foundation in December 2016, which benefits from her love and dedication to the human, her commitment to the development and well-being of young people and children. Currently, Cathia guides all kinds of organizations, as well as people, through the learning and implementation of participatory processes that awaken more meaning and passion in collective approaches. This practice deeply nourishes his approach, allowing him to invite all the power and strength of the human being to serve our leadership potential in contexts of co-creation and collective intelligence.

MUNTU, when an innovative idea has an impact on the development and involvement of young people

MUNTU, when an innovative idea has an impact on the development and involvement of young peopleMUNTU aims to relieve, support and improve the living conditions of young people in difficulty here and elsewhere.

To do this, we aim to promote and promote their financial autonomy, their integration, their integration through creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and social involvement.

Young people will become actors of change in their environment, we offer them various resources by giving them the opportunity to realize themselves, to emancipate themselves, to take power over the future and to get involved in their environment.

The projects are made by young people and for young people with the support of facilitators, vectors of change, experts, entrepreneurs, academics by maximizing collaborations for a well-rooted social impact of each project in their environment. Follow us on social networks Check out our photos on FLICKR (coming soon)