The Foundation operates with the majority of volunteers who are retired professionals or young graduates, from different backgrounds and different cultural communities. MUNTU is also a space for sharing intercultural and intergenerational knowledge.

Your participation is important to us.

Participating safely as a volunteer in our mission is a true school of life where one feeds as much from the experience of others. We have low administration costs and travel expenses are paid for by volunteers.

Volunteers are indispensable in all spheres of the MUNTU Foundation. Your help is important to us and we appreciate it greatly because your participation allows us to do more for families, women and youth in Quebec and the developing countries.

The effectiveness of our volunteer work is based on participation in international development and solidarity projects, fundraisings, newsletters, conferences and our participation on the field. Training, support and supervision are available to all volunteers.

Your volunteer work will be done with respect and good humor.

Devenez bénévole / To volunteer