An ambassador is distinguished by his / her desire to: Ambassadors are men and women convinced of the validity of the programs led by MUNTU and ready to give time in the role of volunteer ambassador.

An ambassador is distinguished by her desire to live in a community that promotes harmony, living together

Get involved so that youth of diversity and young people in developing or emerging countries can be empowered through creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and social involvement so they can in turn contribute emergence of new innovative projects that will have an impact in their environment

Acting together, and contributing to the realization and emergence that will have an impact here or internationally

An ambassador's role is:

- Relay information continuously on the involvement and empowerment of young people and our various projects within its network;

- Inviting contacts, acquaintances and friends to take part in our fundraising activities

- It is also a facilitator who helps young people with their expertise and their advice;

What are the benefits of the ambassador network?

- Have unlimited access to MUNTU events - To be known and recognized as a leader and a vector of change here and abroad

Would you like to get involved and make a difference?

You fit this profile, so you are the right person to join MUNTU's network of ambassadors.

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